Tailor-made Nature Excursions in Sicily

The Madonie Natural Park is one of the most beautiful places in Sicily, with a vast wealth of biodiversity and majestic mountain landscapes. All of this makes the Madonie the perfect place for hiking and nature tours.

Custom Hiking Tours in the Madonie Natural Park

Our deep knowledge of the Madonie territory allows us to offer tailor-made excursions that offer a more personalised alternative to our range of Excursions in the Madonie. Our custom hiking and nature tours focus on the following key areas:

  • Nature lovers passionate about hiking
  • Tour operators and travel agencies looking to add new experiences to their repertoire
  • Students and researchers keen to see the region’s great biodiversity, and to study and learn about the endemic species in the Madonie.
  • Geologists eager to explore the mountains.
  • Photographers (amateur and professional) looking for some incredible nature shots.

Planning your Tailor-made Excursion in the Madonie

Madonie Explorers can design every aspect of your trip for you, or you can tell us all the activities and places you’re interested in and we can compile them together into a satisfying and cohesive excursion.

Whatever you’re looking for in a trip to the Madonie Mountains, we apply our local knowledge and experience as tour guides to ensure you have the best time possible. Get in touch to start planning your excursion!

Places and Activities Available on our Customised Madonie Itineraries:

  • Urban trekking in the local villages
  • Monumenti della Natura di Pomieri
  • Battaglietta-Piano Sempria
  • Macchia dell’Inferno
  • Torrente Vicaretto
  • Sentiero Natura 1 Agrifogli giganti (Piano Pomo)
  • Sentiero Natura 2 Abies nebrodensis-Quacella
  • Sentiero geologico inghiottitoio Battaglietta-Portella Colla
  • Case Marcatagliastro-gole di Tiberio
  • Gratteri-Isnello passando da Pizzo Dipilo
  • Nociazzi-Madonna dell’Alto-Monte San Salvatore
  • Fianco ovest Pizzo Carbonara-Pizzo Scalonazzo-Croce dei Monticelli
  • Sentiero geologico urbano di Isnello
  • Stagno Gorgonero-Piano Catarineci
  • Collesano-Isnello
  • Deviazione SI per la salvaguardia della nidificazione dell’aquila reale
  • Portella Colla-Case di Disiceddi (Piano Cervi)
  • Portella Mandarini
  • SS286-Cozzo Paratore-Pizzo San Focà
  • Case La Pazza-Piano Pomo-Piano Sempria
  • Geraci Siculo-Portella Ferrone
  • Sentiero dei Pellegrini
  • Ferla-Bivio Pianetti


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