Anti-COVID measures

Hiking is, like most of outdoor activities, one of the safest activities regarding COVID risk. With the following simple and efficient rules, we will be able to enjoy nature together again.

Riduced number of participants

With or without COVID, we normally hike in mini-groups of maximum 8 people or in private groups.

Physical distance

Participants who don't belong to the same family nucleus will hike with a minimum distance of 2 m.

Personal protection devices

Each participant will have to be equipped with 1 mask (to use in case of necessity - not while walking) and a pair of gloves (to use in case of necessity).
Each family nucleus will have to be equipped with desinfectant gel (norm CE).


People won't be able to participate in our excursions if:
- they got in contact with people affected by COVID-19 during the last 14 days
- their body temperature at the time of the excursion is higher than 37,5 degrees C or if they have other flu symptoms
Participants will have to fill an auto-certification form with their own pen.