Butterfly watching and Wildflowers trail

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This spring excursion will make you fall in love with the most charming inhabitants of the Sicilian country: butterflies and wild flowers.

The trail goes through the Mediterranean scrub and country areas, full of vivid colours and fragrances in this period of the year. Together with our naturalist guide, you will go in search of wild orchids, medicinal herbs, wild edibles and other typical local plants.
After a brief initiation to butterfly watching, you will also participate to the monitoring of the diurnal butterflies that live on the Madonie territory. It will be a unique opportunity to admire them from very close. All the data collected will provide precious information on the local ecosystems to European scientists*.

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* The European Union has chosen diurnal butterflies as a bio-indicator to measure the health of environment. Volunteers from all around Europe participate in butterflies counting along specific itineraries and use the data to feed the eBMS (e Butterfly Monitoring System) database.

Ideal for:
- butterflies and botany lovers
- families with children

From mid-March to end of April
If you are interested in a butterfly watching or a botanical excursion during an another period of the year, please contact us.

Total duration:
About 3 hours

Variable, about 2 km

Difference in altitude:
About 100 m

Difficulty level:
Medium-easy (a short part of the trail is steep)

What to bring:
Hiking shoes or good sport shoes, clothes suitable to the weather conditions, water

Territory of Pollina (Province of Palermo).
You will be provided with a map indicating the meeting point when you book.

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Mini-groups max 8 people or private excursions
Minimum 2 adult participants
Adults: 35 €
Children (6-16 years old): 10 €
Children (0-5 years old): Free
Private excursion extra fee: 30 €
Groups: please contact us

The price includes: naturalist guide member of AIGAE (Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche) - languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish
Not included: transportation. If you don't have a car, please contact us to find the best solution

The excursion could be cancelled in case of bad weather conditions