Butterfly watching

Aporia crataegi Butterfly watching

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Butterfly watching is an amazing and original way to enjoy nature and the Madonie Natural Park is a perfect place for it. It shelters about 100 species of butterflies and some of them are exclusive endemisms (e.g.: Parnassius apollo siciliae, hesperia comma hemipallida, Polyommatus daphnis pallidecolor).

We offer guided butterfly watching excursions for all nature lovers (photographers, hikers, families, researchers, seniors, etc.) with naturalist guide member of AIGAE (Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche) and of ALI (Associazione Lepidotterologica Italiana).

Contact us to organise your Butterfly watching excursion

From May to August

Half-day or full day

Difficulty level:
From easy to medium

From 2 to 8 km

Difference in altitude:
From 100 to 400 m

What to bring:
Hiking shoes or good sport shoes (depending on the itinerary), water, hat, windproof jacket, clothes suitable to the weather conditions.

Meet your guide in Piano Battaglia (Province of Palermo) at 9.30 am.
You will be provided with a map indicating the meeting point when you book.

The excursion could be cancelled in case of bad weather conditions.