Progetto finanziato dal GAL ISC Madonie PSR Sicilia 2014-2020 misura 19.2 sotto-misura 6.2
Progetto finanziato dal GAL ISC Madonie PSR Sicilia 2014-2020 misura 19.2 sotto-misura 6.2


Discover Your Next Hiking Adventure in Sicily

Discover your next hiking adventure in Sicily with Madonie Explorers!

Get ready to explore the extraordinary natural beauty of the Madonie Regional Natural Park on a unique hiking excursion with local experts. At Madonie Explorers, we channel our passion and our local knowledge into elevating our hiking excursions, turning them into unforgettable nature experiences. 

All of our inspiration comes from the stunning Madonie Park. We owe everything to the monumental trees, extensive biodiversity, and the rich geography of the majestic Sicilian mountainside.

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    Unforgettable Nature Experiences in the Madonie

    We can’t do justice to everything worth doing in The Madonie on this page, so we’ve condensed our extensive list of Hiking Excursions in The Madonie into three essential experiences…

    Madonie Monumental Trees Hike

    Our Madonie Monumental Trees Hike is our most popular experience. Walk through a part of The Madonie particularly rich with huge trees, including oaks, maples, and beech. But it’s the giant holly trees that stand from the rest: at nearly 20 metres high, and many centuries old, they are unlike any holly trees found anywhere else in the world. If you’d like to spend even more time here, consider our full-day hiking trip in the Madonie.

    Natural Caves Hike in The Madonie

    Your trained guide will tell you everything you need to know as you venture into two of the natural caves found in the Madonie Nature Park. Discover marine fossils stretching back millions of years, and take in the fascinating quiet subterranean environment. This Natural Caves Hike in The Madonie is perfect for anyone looking for a new experience and it is suitable for children aged 10 and over. For younger families, we recommend our next experience…

    Family Hiking Excursion in Madonie Regional Park

    Our Family Hiking Excursion in The Madonie has been designed to help families with children as young as five have an incredible adventure in Madonie Regional Natural Park. We take families along the trail of the monumental trees, introducing the local animal and plant species, including, birds, butterflies, trees, and flowers. This experience is designed to inspire everyone — young and old alike — to appreciate and respect nature.

    Why Explore With Madonie Explorers?

    Madonie Explorers was founded by two expert guides with many years of experience touring Madonie Natural Park. We realised that no one knew or loved our part of the world quite as much as we did, so we started our own tour company so that we could design our hiking trips in the Madonie exactly as we wanted.

    Things that make us stand out from other nature tour guides in The Madonie:

    • Madonie Explorers is comprised of two expert guides who offer tours in a variety of languages, including Italian, English, French, and Spanish.
    • We complement our hiking trips with a hiking equipment rental service.
    • While private groups can be as large as you like, our normal tours are always run in small groups (maximum of 10 people) so that the experience is intimate and to ensure that we make no impact on the environment. 
    • We are the only company offering easy online booking in the area. Book today, trusting our foolproof online booking system.
    • 15% discount on any 2nd excursion you take with Madonie Explorers.
    • Discounts for group bookings (please contact us for more information).
    • People who come on our tours receive special discounts to local museums.

    If you’re planning a trip to Sicily in the future and you’d like to experience its most beautiful, untouched regional park, sign-up for our email guides below, and please get in touch if you have any questions. Come and explore The Madonie with us!

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