Progetto finanziato dal GAL ISC Madonie PSR Sicilia 2014-2020 misura 19.2 sotto-misura 6.2
Progetto finanziato dal GAL ISC Madonie PSR Sicilia 2014-2020 misura 19.2 sotto-misura 6.2


Tailor-made Nature Excursions in Sicily

The Madonie Natural Park is one of the most beautiful places in Sicily, with a vast wealth of biodiversity and majestic mountain landscapes. All of this makes the Madonie the perfect place for hiking and nature tours.

Custom Hiking Tours in the Madonie Natural Park

Our deep knowledge of the Madonie territory allows us to offer tailor-made excursions that are a more personalised alternative to our range of Excursions in the Madonie. Our custom hiking and nature tours are perfect for:

  • Tour operators and travel agencies looking to add new experiences to their repertoire
  • Nature lovers and hikers
  • Students and researchers keen to see the region’s great biodiversity and geology
  • Photographers (amateur and professional) looking for some incredible nature shots
  • Companies who would like organize an incentive

Planning your Tailor-made Excursion in the Madonie

Madonie Explorers can design the ideal excursion for you: tell us the activities and places you’re interested in and we can compile them together into a wonderful experience.
We can also help you plan other aspects of you holiday in the Madonie: accommodation, restaurants, road itineraries, etc.

Examples of Excursions and Experiences:

  • Excursions at dawn or at sunset
  • Incentives for companies
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Immersive experiences:
    Visit to a traditional shepherd
    Olive picking
    Manna picking
  • Food tour focused on the local traditional cooking
  • Millenary oak (Macchia dell’Inferno)
  • Piano Cervi and Pagliaio
  • Itineraries for wild orchids observation
  • Itineraries for butterfly watching
  • Gratteri, Grattara cave and Abbazia San Giorgio
  • Cefalù’s Rocca and urban hike in the old town
  • Gibilmanna-Piano delle Fate circular hike
  • Urban hikes in the local villages
  • Pomieri monumental trees
  • Madonie fir tree (Abies nebrodensis)-Quacella
  • Geological trail Battaglietta-Portella Colla
  • Isnello-Gratteri through Pizzo Dipilo
  • Madonna dell’Alto
  • Isnello urban geological trail
  • Stagno Gorgonero-Piano Catarineci
  • Collesano-Isnello
  • Case La Pazza-Piano Pomo-Piano Sempria
  • Geraci Siculo-Portella Ferrone
  • Sentiero dei Pellegrini

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