Hikes & Experiences in the Madonie

Madonie Explorers offers hiking excursions with nature guide, multi-day treks as well as experiences related to the local traditions in the Madonie Natural Park, Sicily.
We offer small group tours (with usually 10 participants maximum) and private tours.
You will find here our main excursions. We also do tailor-made tours.

Most popular

Madonie Hike to Piano Pomo’s Giant Hollies

3½ hours
Discover the mystery of Piano Pomo's giant holly trees and immerse yourself into the incredible biodiversity of the Madonie Natural Park.
Off the beaten track

Full Day Hike in the Madonie Park

5-6 hours
One day on the trails of the Madonie Park, hiking in some of the most amazing places of the Carbonara Massif.
Road trip

Madonie Day Tour Villages & Nature

8-9 hours
Immerse yourself in the timeless atmosphere of Sicilian villages and explore unique natura spots with this exclusive day trip in the Madonie Park.

Natural Caves Hike in the Madonie Mountains

3½ hours
Sea fossils in the middle of the mountains and caves: discover the most surprising aspects of the Madonie's geology through this original itinerary.
Unique tradition

Manna experience

1½ hour
Meet Mario, one of the last manna producers, who will reveal to you the secrets of this surprising and unique tradition.
Local traditions

Sicilian Country Experience

3 hours
Feel the true spirit of authentic Sicily and get immersed in a world where traditions don’t belong to past but are still a fascinating way of life.
From 5 years old

Family Excursion in the Madonie Natural Park

3 hours
The perfect excursion to explore the wonders of the woods with children and play along a trail full of magic.
Wellness experience

Zen Walk

3 hours
A wellness experience inspired from Forest bathing and Mindfulness to get immersed in the Madonie extraordinary nature.
Itinerant trek

3-day Trek in the Madonie Park

3 days
Three days on the trails to live an experience that enshrines the essence of the Madonie and includes some must-see spots.
On the top of the Madonie

Madonie Mountains Hike to Pizzo Carbonara

4½ hours
Reach the highest peak of the Madonie, enjoy a 360° panoramic view, admire sea fossils hidden in the rocks, observe rare plants and butterflies.
Active city tour

Hike in Cefalù: Rocca + old town

3 hours
Discover one of the loveliest towns in Sicily in an original and active way with this itinerary that mixes nature hike and urban walk.
Multi-day Trekking

1-week trekking holiday: the Madonie from Coast to Top

7 days
Embark on this 7-day trekking tour in the Madonie Natural Park starting from the Tyrrhenian coast and reaching the highest peak Pizzo Carbonara (1979m).

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