Excursions in the Madonie

Madonie Explorers offers hiking excursions with naturalist guide as well as experiences related to nature and local traditions in the Madonie Natural Park, Sicily. Private excursions, minigroups, tailor-made excursions.

Trail Hike

Madonie Hike to Piano Pomo’s Giant Hollies

This Madonie hike leads you to an extraordinary place: an entire wood of giant hollies in Piano Pomo, in the heart of the Madonie. Find out more!
Nature Hike

Full-Day Hike in the Madonie Park

Explore the Madonie Mountains on this full-day hike in Madonie National Park. Extraordinary biodiversity, stunning views & experienced guides. Read more!
Family Adventure

Family Excursion in Madonie Natural Park

This excursion is perfect to discover in family the wonders of the woods, with its picturesque pagliaio & fairytales-like giant hollies wood.
Multi-Day Hike

3-day Trek in the Madonie Natural Park

On this 3-day/2-night trek grottoes, monumental trees, geological sites, breathtaking landscapes & rare plants will accompany you along the trails.
Geological Tour

Natural Caves Hike in the Madonie Mountains

This excursion takes place in a very interesting geological area where the limestone shelters natural caves as well as fossils of corals!
Immersive Tour

Traditional Sicilian Country Tour

Get immersed into a world where traditions don’t only belong to past but are still a way of life in this guided tour of Madonie.
Fauna Tour

Butterfly Watching Experience in Sicily

Observe butterflies in the heart of the Madonie, in one of the richest area in Sicily regarding biodiversity.
Mountain Hike

Madonie Mountains Hike to Pizzo Carbonara

This hike to Pizzo Carbonara, the highest peak of Madonie Park, is an area which is exceptionally rich regarding geology & biodiversity.
Manna Experience

Meet a Manna Producer in the Madonie

Meet Mario, a young manna producer, who gives everybody the opportunity to get to know this unique and endangered tradition.

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